What is drop forging?

drop forging process

Drop forging definition: Drop forging is the process of heating metal and shaping it using a metal die cast to produce products. Manufacturers use this process to produce strong and durable parts for a range of industries.

Forging is one of the oldest metal working practices and it can be traced back to 8000 B.C.

Parts can be produced from various types of metal including aluminium, brass and various grades of steel.

There are two types of drop forging open-die dropped forging and closed-die dropped forging.

Open-die dropped forging

Open-die forging is the shaping of heated metal between a top die and a bottom die. After every press of the die the metal takes a new shape.

Open-die forging is usually used for large, less intricate parts.

Closed-die dropped forging

Closed-die forging is the most popular method of forging as it allows manufacturers to produce smaller and more intricate parts. These include things like seat belt buckles, climbing gear, spanners and tractor parts for harvesting.

Parts are formed by heating, pressing and hammering into metal die casts. The process is usually completed using sanding machines and specialist tools to make them smooth.

Less complex parts can be made using a single press stroke, however more often than not several strokes of different forces and impressions are required to form a part.

These strokes may include methods such as edging, blocking and finish forging to mould the shape to the correct shape.

Which industries require drop forging?

There are a lot of industries that require forging such as aerospace, automotive, saddlery and motor bikes. They all require strong and durable parts to produce safe methods of transport.


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